This Engine Block Turned Watch Winder is the New Must Have for Watch Enthusiasts

Vulcan Innova breathes new life into old BMW engine blocks.

Los Angeles based Vulcan Innova unveiled a new watch winder last week (from $25,000) destined to appeal to the automotive sect. Built from a BMW M52 engine block—the workhorse engine that powered the 328i and 528i  of the late ‘90s— the winder is one of those clever designs that will draw utterances of “why didn’t I think of that” from many.


Fitted with individual high-grade stepper motors (allowing for individual control), each watch is mounted into a modified piston, acting as its winding module. When engaged, each of the pistons are locked into position until a security key is engaged for its removal, ensuring your watches cannot be removed or tampered with unknowingly.

Vulcan Watch Winder


Vulcan Innova is offering the new winder as a limited production of 52 pieces, with each unit being hand-assembled in Los Angeles to its new owner’s specification. A variety of finishes are available for both the engine block as well as each individual piston/watch holder. The leather type and color of each watch holder, as well as its LED indicator colors can also be tailored on request.

Those preferring a freestanding option are in luck, as Vulcan Innova will also be offering customizable floor stands at an additional cost. A base price of $25,000 includes a painted or chrome-plated finish and suede watch cushions, with more elaborate customization incurring an additional fee. Delivery times are expected to be between four and six weeks, depending on chosen finishes.

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