Buben & Zorweg Gets All Wound Up

Echoing the increasing influence of automotive design in fine timepieces, Buben & Zorweg’s Phantom Time Mover watch winder ($6,340) channels the spirit of a sporty roadster. The aluminum case is inlaid with your choice of high-tech carbon fiber or high-polished Makassar ebony for a strikingly sleek unit worth displaying. The interior is appointed with Italian leather and an LED lighting system, while a German lock keeps your collection secure. Available in four-piece and eight-piece versions, the Phantom utilizes the company’s Time Mover system, which employs a specially developed, super-quiet motor that regularly kicks into a sleep mode to ease tension on the movements, while keeping the drive torque constant. Time Mover’s short winding phases alternate with longer resting periods, and you can also adjust rotation frequency and direction. In addition to looking cool, the Phantom keeps your automatic timepieces running at their optimum as watches that stand still for long periods can encounter problems, such as the solidification of essential lubricants. (available at Westime, 310.271.0000; www.buben-zorweg.com)

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