Carl F. Bucherer Adds a New Collection of Women’s Timepieces

Have pity on those without a watch from the Pathos collection…

Earlier this year, the Lucerne, Switzerland–based watchmaker Carl F. Bucherer introduced Pathos, a women’s timepiece collection that puts the manufacture’s jewelry-making capabilities on display. The company is no stranger to women’s watches—it launched its first women’s line nearly a century ago, in 1919, and has stayed current with continuous updates. The most eye-catching feature of the new collection’s two standard lines, Princess and Queen, is their bezels, which are decorated with a delicate latticework of stainless steel or rose gold, though versions that replace the latticework with diamonds are also available. The Princess watches are the simplest in the collection, displaying only the hours and minutes. The Queen line adds a bit more functionality by including a seconds hand as well as a date display. The watches of the Princess and Queen lines are priced from $4,600 to $14,300.

In addition to the two standard lines, the Pathos collection also includes two limited-edition timepieces, the Diva Joaillerie and Diva Haute Joaillerie. Both watches are equipped with 18-karat-white-gold cases that are almost completely covered in diamonds. The $192,000 Diva Joaillerie’s basic hours-and-minutes display conveys the time simply without distracting from the beautiful dial, which features graceful curves lines created by the interplay of mother-of-pearl inlays, white gold, and diamonds. The $486,000 Diva Haute Joaillerie substitutes the round-cut diamonds of its sibling watch with larger, baguette-cut diamonds and replaces the mother-of-pearl inlays—virtually the only spots not covered in diamonds on the Diva Joaillerie—with more baguette diamonds. Only 88 examples of either watch will be created. (www.carl-f-bucherer.com)

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