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De Bethune’s New Double-Sided Watch Has Two Distinct Faces You Can Swap on a Dime

Ideal for the ambivalent watch lover.

DeBethune DB Kind of Two Tourbillon Diode SA - Denis Hayoun

Classic or contemporary? One of the 10 people lucky enough to acquire De Bethune’s newest limited edition timepiece won’t have to choose.

The DB Kind of Two Tourbillon is endowed with two distinct faces, each imbued with its very own vibe: Side “A” is in keeping with the boutique watchmaker’s more experimental, future-facing ethos, while side “B” represents a more refined and elegant take on horology. Toggling between the two requires nothing more than swiveling the case on its central axis, an action made simple by the model’s floating lugs, each equipped with a rotating mechanism comprised of 28 components.

On the contemporary face, you’ll find central hours and minutes hands, a tourbillon at 6 o’clock (complete with a 30-second indication) and a perfectly symmetrical deltoid-shaped bridge at center. The traditional side offers a hand-guilloché central part surrounded by Arabic numerals recognizable to anyone familiar with the dials of the brand’s DB8 and DB10 models.

The sophistication required to create a single, perfectly reversible mechanism (the brand’s 28th in-house caliber!) that allows the hands on each side to turn in the right direction is not to be overstated. The same could be said for the 42.8 mm titanium case, which features a combination of polished and curved shapes, matte and glossy components, and varying thicknesses. Notably, the watch measures just 9.5 mm in height, which is remarkably slender for a piece housing a tourbillon.

“We are all confronted with several aspects of our personality and the various universes around us, just as the artist is faced with the different directions in which he would like to take his work,” says co-founder Denis Flageollet. “For me, this watch is a way of connecting my various forms of attraction to the different facets of beauty, and also of proposing an object that is thought-provoking with regard to the future paths we may choose to take.”


DeBethune DB Kind of Two Tourbillon

DeBethune DB Kind of Two Tourbillon  Diode SA - Denis Hayoun

Available in a limited edition of 10 pieces, each retailing for $250,000, the DB Kind of Two Tourbillon is a hot commodity. The brand reports that all 10 pieces sold out within 24 hours, some to retailers and some to private buyers.

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