Designer Jaime Tresserra Releases New Watch Winder Cases

Jaime Tresserra has reinvented two of his creations to seduce watch collectors. The designer chose rotating cases for automatic watches from Swiss Kubik Company in order to reinvent the inside of two pieces of his furniture collection: Cancionero and El Coleccionista.

Made in Switzerland and tested using modern innovative technologies, these watch winder cases have been designed for storing and rewinding all automatic watches. Each rotating case is a cube measuring 10 centimeters and guarantees a set number of rotations per day.

Cancionero has been adapted to receive 10 removable rotating cases. The column, in cedar wood, is wrapped with hazelnut or dark brown leather. There is a safety lock and four complementary lower drawers. The base is 31×28 cm and the height is 173 cm.

El Coleccionista has been adapted to receive 9 removable rotating cases. The tall chest of drawers in light or dark brown walnut and hazelnut or dark brown leather. The cabinet has a safety lock, display tray with a leather set, five lower drawers and a tilting mirror on top. Its dimensions are 42x32x143 cm.

The Cancionero Kubik is in exhibition in Tresserra’s showrooms in Paris and Barcelona.

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