DeWitt Academia Minute Repeater Tourbillon GMT Antipode

DeWitt’s latest high complication now offers the one thing that collectors desire as much in a watch as a quality complicated movement and an ingenious design: guaranteed exclusivity. The company will never manufacture more than a handful of examples of its $420,000 DeWitt Academia Minute Repeater Tourbillon GMT Antipode (305.572.9812, www.dewitt.ch) for the simple reason that the specialty house that created the base movement has closed. Before the closure, however, specialist BNB Concept had begun to receive praise for the excellence and clarity of its tourbillon/minute repeater movement. DeWitt’s timepiece also incorporates a GMT function, and this second time zone forms the basis for the watch’s double-sided design.

In fact, the watch’s case and bracelet are almost as complicated as the movement. Gripping the watch by the case lugs (the assemblies to which the bracelet attaches), the owner can pivot the case to reveal the reverse side and a new time zone. The tourbillon is located on the side that displays the home time, which the minute repeater registers. The Grade 5 titanium case provides an excellent medium for propagating the repeater’s high-quality (and increasingly rare) sound.

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