Fabergé Lavishes Its Latest Line of Watches with the Splendors of Summer

Gemstones reign supreme in this jewel of a collection inspired by the landscape of Provence…

Fabergé, the famed Russian jewelry atelier, celebrates the season with Summer in Provence, a series of timepieces that would be the envy of any empress. Three watches comprise the collection, each resplendently regaled in precious stones patterned to invoke the ubiquitous flowered meadows and streams of the French countryside.

The diamond edition dazzles with 379 stones inlaid on the case and another 337 on the dial. The diamond-decorative leaves are complemented by flowers planted in mother-of-pearl. The same blossoms embellish the bracelet, along with another 337 diamonds. The multicolored sapphire version enlists 433 diamonds, 12 tourmalines, two buff-top emeralds, 21 dark-pink sapphires, and nine light-pink sapphires for the case. The dial is decked with 297 diamonds, 10 tourmalines, four buff-top emeralds, 10 blue sapphires, 36 dark-pink sapphires, and 13 light-pink sapphires. The bracelet is a bouquet of mother-of-pearl flowers and turquoise leaves amidst a bed of 237 diamonds. The laundry list of lavishness continues for the emerald edition, which is embroidered with 374 diamonds, 17 Paraiba tourmalines, and 10 emeralds for the case; 332 diamonds, 19 Paraiba tourmalines, and 15 emeralds for the dial; and 93 close-set diamonds, 144 ring-mounted diamonds, and 10 emeralds binding the bracelet. The mother-of-pearl flower motif is continued throughout, with leaves of soft-green chrysoprase.

All three watches (price upon request) employ 18-karat white gold for the case, dial, and bracelet and feature a self-winding movement with a 50-hour power reserve. The passage of time is marked with rhodium-plated brass hands under domed sapphire crystals. Fabergé has fabricated only five examples of each design. (faberge.com)


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