Feature: Defining Moments

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As long as man has been compelled to strap a watch to his wrist to track the passing hours, minutes, and seconds of the day, that timepiece has also been used to express some aspect of his personal style—from classically elegant to perplexingly complex to avant-garde. Unlike a piece of jewelry, a watch must blend form with function. Still, this limitation has not hampered the creative impulses of watch designers throughout the world, who continue to experiment with distinctive shapes or dial designs to give a watch an unmistakable personality. Some watch designers entertain futuristic visions that fly in the face of tradition, while others mine the past for inspiration, reviving classic themes that exude timeless appeal. With such a broad spectrum of choices, it has never been easier to find a watch that speaks to your soul, that subtly (or not so subtly) reveals a facet of your character, whether it is strong and silent or screaming for attention.

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