Feminine Intuition

What does a woman want? Everything—quality, practicality, eye-catching design, even a little glitz—and preferably all at once.

Women’s collections previously fell into two camps: simple, everyday timepieces and extravagant jewelry watches for evening. But in recent years, manufacturers have blurred the line between the two by splashing diamonds on just about any bezel, case, or bracelet they can find. Not surprisingly, the girls have responded favorably, and now that diamonds are for daytime, evening pieces have been pushed to creative extremes.

With the preference for gems firmly established, manufacturers introduced the concept of mechanical movements—even complications—for ladies. While most women regard watches as fashion accessories, a small but loyal contingent of mechanical devotees is being addressed stylishly with chronographs and dual-time-zone functions. Nevertheless, even a member of this dedicated minority will embrace a design with a quartz movement—if it suits her particular tastes. After all, it is always a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.

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