Fiona Krüger and L’Epée Unveil New Limited Edition Vanitas Clock

Fiona Krüger and L’Epée expand on skull-centric horology with their new Vanitas Clock.

Independent watchmaker Fiona Krüger unveiled a literally jaw-dropping collaboration with L’Epée this week in the form of the Vanitas Clock—a wall-mounted, skull-shaped timekeeper whose mouth slowly “yawns” to indicate the state of the power reserve. Melding Fiona’s artful design aesthetic with the clever movement architecture we have seen in past collaborations between L’Epée and MB&F, the piece exemplifies the art of form following function. The positioning of every component—the escapement in its brain, two of its five barrels for eyes, the narrow power reserve in its jaw—were all executed to accentuate the clock’s skull-shaped body.

The entire clockwork of the Vanitas, comprising nearly 400 components, also highlights the superlative finishing capabilities of L’Epée. “It’s not just a case of double the size of the components, double the time it takes to finish them. The complexity increases exponentially.” states L’Epée CEO Arnaud Nicolas. Thanks to the expertise of their master clockmakers, the inner workings of the Vanitas provide a beautiful visual depth to the piece that accentuates its design perfectly. Available in both colorful and dark versions, production of the Vanitas ($30,000) will be limited to 50 examples in each finish. (fionakrugertimepieces.com)

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