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First-Hand Look: Glashütte Original Unveils New Sixties Iconic Square Chronograph

Limited to 25 pieces each, these bright new chronographs bring a proper ’60s vibe back to the Glashütte catalog…

After the resounding success of the Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic watches launched in late 2015, there was little surprise that the brand returned to its vintage roots with this latest release, the Sixties Iconic Square Chronograph ($9,700).

Each of the new model’s five available dial colors pays tribute to early Glashütte Spezimatic models from the brand’s earlier years. Taking things a step further than the average vintage reissue, the brand stayed true to the 1960s design of the pieces by reintroducing period-correct dial-manufacturing techniques at its in-house production facility. Though they are more involved and time-consuming processes—especially the dégradé lacquer application used on four of the five dials—the results are nothing short of spectacular. To create the unique texture of the Graphite (gray) model, a 60-ton press creates a stamped guilloché pattern on the dial using a die that, as with the rest of the equipment, comes from Glashütte’s archives. The adoption of these techniques not only adds a layer of authenticity to the new collection of watches, it also allows for nominal deviation in color from one dial to the next, meaning each watch will have its own slightly unique appearance.

As well as capitalizing on the ubiquitous trend of reissuing vintage timepieces, Glashütte was incredibly canny in choosing dial colors for its new chronographs. 1960s-era tones continue to invade runways around the globe, making it easier to pair the new watches with your wardrobe than would have been possible as little as two years ago. For those feeling brave, the Forest (green), Fire (red), and Tangerine (orange) models make for bold statement pieces, whereas Ocean (blue) and Graphite (gray) fly a little more under the radar. That said, when it comes to versatility, the Graphite model is the standout, as it will match with just about anything in your wardrobe, and yet its elaborate dial texture keeps it from being too plain-Jane.

The 41 mm steel-cased gems are crafted completely in Germany and powered by the brand’s calibre 39-34 automatic chronograph movement. According to Glashütte’s North America team, “not enough” of the 25 examples in each color were allotted to the U.S. market, so if it grabbed your attention as much as it did ours, you are going to want to move quickly on this one. The Sixties Iconic Square Chronograph is expected to land in authorized Glashütte Original retailers early this month. (glashuette-original.com)


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