Franc Vila’s Inventive Movement

The prospect of creating your first musical watch is a daunting one for any watchmaker, especially when your most trusted movement maker suddenly shuts its doors. These challenges did not deter Franc Vila, who found a little-used five-minute repeater movement and transformed it into a very unique timepiece. The FVa35 SuperSonico is perhaps the only timepiece to feature the interesting layout of a repeater mechanism in the heart of a modern sculpture. This movement marks the passage of five-minute intervals instead of the individual minutes like a minute repeater, and thanks to Vila’s patented Lightnium case alloy, it does so in a very clear and resonant fashion. For enthusiasts of modern watches, this piece is an excellent way to experience the most traditional of complications. Prices range from $44,000 to $78,000. (305.674-9670, www.francvila.com)

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