Front Runners August 2015: Fast Times

At the touch of a button, the speedometer of the Breva Genie 03 (breva-watch.com) rises about a quarter of an inch from the dial to measure wind speed, and uses that reading to calculate and display the velocity at which the watch and its wearer are traveling. The feature allows bicyclists, motorcyclists, drivers, and even speedboat pilots to instantly determine their speed by exposing their wrist to the air. The speedometer—or Speedmeter, as it is labeled on the watch’s dial—displays speeds in kilometers per hour, from 20 to 200. The Genie 03, which is self-winding and constructed with a titanium case, is priced at $52,000. For sailors, Breva offers a limited edition of the watch equipped with an anemometer for measuring and displaying wind speed (in knots). A translucent blue time dial underscores the watch’s nautical theme. Earlier Genie models from Breva, a small Swiss brand, measured and displayed barometric pressure and altitude and provided weather forecasts. 

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