Front Runners October 2015: Buddy System

At a preview event earlier this year for the Chanel Boy.friend (chanel.com), a brand representative boasted that the new watch might be the first women’s model that a man would be tempted to borrow from the night table. The rep was referencing how the Boy.friend incorporates—beautifully—design elements and timekeeping features typically associated with men’s watches. The large version of the Boy.friend (right) is priced at $25,000 in beige gold with diamonds. At 28.6 mm by 37 mm, its case is unusually large for a women’s watch. The medium Boy.friend (far right) has a slightly smaller case and is $12,500 in beige gold. (Each model’s dial can be framed with a line of diamonds set in the bezel, and the watches are also available in white gold.) The large version features a subsidiary seconds display and a manually wound mechanical movement—another rare feature for a women’s watch. The medium version has a quartz movement and a date display.

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