FrontRunners: Bell Epoch

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Watch aficionados with a taste for the exquisite and the very rare will have their appetites gorged by Audemars Piguet’s Musical Hours exhibition, coming to the brand’s New York boutique from December 1 through 15. The exhibit showcases 45 repeater and sonnerie watches, the largest collection of timepieces yet assembled that chime off the time on finely adjusted mechanical gongs. Watches that sound the time either on demand or on the hour have been made for centuries, and still represent one of the most artistic sides of fine watchmaking. Audemars Piguet (888.214.6858, has consistently crafted these venerable complications throughout its 128-year history, although in very small numbers. Visitors will be able to see (and hear) examples from the entire period, as well as a number of contemporary pieces that display Audemars Piguet’s continuing expertise in this rarefied and rarely seen watchmaking niche.

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