FrontRunners: Clutch Play

While the new PanoMatic Chrono ($37,250 in rose gold; $44,500 for the 200-piece platinum version) from Glashütte Original (866.458.7488, www.glashuette-original.com) maintains the company’s utilitarian aesthetic, it exceeds accuracy expectations for a watch in its class. All mechanical watches suffer from a decline in precision when their mainsprings expend power beyond a certain point. To address this situation, Glashütte Original devised an automatic winding system that keeps the twin spring barrels at optimum tension, regardless of how the wearer moves his arm. The Caliber 95 movement can shift gears between rapid and slow winding wheels to keep the spring tension regulated for maximum precision. While the PanoMatic Chrono has obvious surface appeal, fans of the German brand will doubtless find its most beautiful qualities buried deep inside.

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