FrontRunners: Crush Depth

Although the vast majority of diving watches will never see the bottom of a Jacuzzi, a few are built for strenuous duty. Hublot’s new Subaquaneus ($4,600) is rated for an astonishing depth of 2,000 meters—more than 6,600 feet deep. While a handful of Swiss watches have been engineered for similarly extreme water resistance (more as a statement of technical prowess than anything else), Hublot (800.536.0636, www.hublot.com) deserves points for style. Far from a bulky diving bell on a strap, this attractive watch is dressed with Hublot’s signature black rubber strap and raised rubber cabochons around the bezel. Such attention to appearances reflects an almost cavalier aura, given that if you were to accompany the watch to its operating limit, you would assuredly be dead.

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