FrontRunners: DeWitt Minute Repeater

The DeWitt Minute Repeater Tourbillon GMT Antipode (www.dewitt.ch) combines traditional high complication with utilitarian functions such as a second time-zone display. It is also a watch that might spend as much time in your hands as it does on your wrist.

To see the second time zone on this double-sided watch—released by DeWitt in May at a price of $375,000—flip the case around by manipulating the lugs on the bracelet. The pusher located at 4 o’clock advances the GMT by an hour with each push, while a pull of the lever on the side of the case activates the minute repeater, prompting a chime of the primary dial’s hours, quarters, and minutes. This function, developed with movement specialist BNB Concept, is one of the clearest and most resonant in the Swiss watch industry.

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