FrontRunners: Rising Star

The new Bovet Amadeo Fleurier 46 Rising Star (www.bovet-fleurier.ch), the Swiss firm known for its riffs on the pocket watch–themed wristwatch has seemingly packed all of its most popular features into one reversible timepiece. The dial includes two separate time-zone indicators and displays a tourbillon that appears to float within the case; the connection between the tourbillon cage—a new, larger design from Bovet—and the rest of the movement is barely visible. The transparent back of the watch has its own set of hands, enabling the wearer to tell the time of day regardless of which side of the timepiece faces up. Bovet equipped the $328,000 Rising Star with the company’s Amadeo system, which allows the Rising Star to be converted from a wristwatch to a pocket watch or table clock. The dial components feature guilloche ornamentation and Fleurisanne engraving, the latter of which originates from the town where Bovet is based. Bovet plans to produce only 190 Rising Stars, in recognition of the company’s 190th anniversary this year.

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