FrontRunners: Teutonic Ingenieuring

The hardworking, technically obsessed Swiss-German watchmakers rarely steal the spotlight from their decadent Swiss-French rivals, but the relaunch of the Ingenieur watch from IWC (800.432. 9330, www.iwc.ch) marks one such occasion. Developed in the white-coated culture of IWC’s watchmaking facility on the banks of the Rhine in Schaffhausen, the Ingenieur is available in five models that have enough antimagnetic protection, it would seem, to survive an atomic blast. The automatic models feature a brand-new movement with a spring-mounted, antishock version of IWC’s Pellaton automatic winding system. The company dedicated its titanium version to AMG, the Mercedes-Benz performance specialist, which shares with IWC a Teutonic sense of functionalism. The new Ingenieur watches borrow much of their form from the original model designed by Gerald Genta, who gave the mid-1970s-era watch its no-nonsense appearance—even though he speaks French.

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