FrontRunners: Triple Crown

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Maurice Lacroix’s flagship Masterpiece Collection strives to marry traditional craftsmanship with modern styling and function. Recently, the prestige collection added two automatic mechanical timepieces featuring triple time-zone functions. The Reveil Globe ($4,350 to $5,750) is a unique new triple time-zone alarm watch that keeps you on schedule while you are crisscrossing the globe. The Reveil Globe’s solid silver dial displays three different time zones simultaneously: one via traditional hands, the second by an additional hour hand and interior rotating ring, and the third through a window above the 6. The Reveil Globe’s sister model is the sporty Chrono Globe ($4,250 to $5,800), which takes the triple time-zone concept and adds mechanical chronograph functions. These two new models from Maurice Lacroix (800.794.7736) bring new meaning to the term jet set.

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