The Graff Diamond GyroGraff Blends Horology and Jewelry

The new timepiece is affixed with more than 70 diamonds…

Though Graff is primarily known as a purveyor of jewelry and gemstones, since 2008 its Geneva-based watchmaking division has been producing high-end timepieces with visual cues that reference the company’s mastery of gem cutting and setting. One of the latest additions to the brand’s MasterGraff collection, the Diamond GyroGraff, is a new version of the GyroGraff equipped with a bezel covered with 72 diamonds that weigh more than 8 carats in total.

A staple feature of Graff’s watches is their faceted bezel, a decorative element that is meant to reflect the beauty of a cut diamond. To maintain this effect even when the bezel is covered with diamonds, Graff employs its patented invisible mosaic setting, which is a pattern consisting of a hexagon-cut diamond flanked on either side by two triangular diamonds that creates the illusion of a faceted surface. In addition to the diamonds set into the bezel, the watch’s dial is inlaid with a triangular emerald and its crown is affixed with an additional diamond, both hallmarks of Graff watch design.

Located at 8 o’clock on the Diamond GyroGraff’s guilloche dial, the spherical moon-phase indicator is carved by hand from white gold and accurately reproduces the contours of the lunar landscape. Located at 5 o’clock is a double-axis tourbillon, a complication that averages out inaccuracies caused by the pull of gravity regardless of the position of the watch. (Traditional tourbillons only compensate for the effect of gravity on the vertical axis.) The Diamond GyroGraff is limited to 20 pieces and is available with either a white-gold or a rose-gold case, as well as one fully set with diamonds. Price is available upon request. (www.graffdiamonds.com)

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