HD3’s Electric Slyde

In an effort to rethink watchmaking for the 21st century, Jorg Hysek of HD3 created the groundbreaking Slyde watch concept, which is born of the smartphone age. Rather than a typical dial with hands, the electronic Slyde ($6,800 to $15,000) is endowed with a touchscreen that allows you to change the display with a slide of the finger. Slyde’s bi-axial navigation system offers a choice of various time modules (chronograph, moon phase, hour, date, calendar, time zone, and timer) on the vertical axis and pictures and personalized countdown functions on the horizontal axis. The display can be customized with different fonts and background imagery and by adding personal photos and videos. Slyde charges and connects to the Internet via a computer, so you can download additional time modules and virtual movements from the online Slyde shop. (www.hd3complication.com)

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