An Intoxicatingly Beautiful $28,000 Clock

Ensconced in Baccarat crystal, the timepiece runs on atmospheric changes…

It may appear at first glance that Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Atmos 568 by Marc Newson provides crystal clear proof of perpetual motion, but horologic hocus-pocus is not at play, only exquisite engineering. The 183-year-old manufacture teamed with iconic industrial designer Marc Newson to create a contemporary version of its long-revered Atmos, first developed in 1928.

Seemingly self-contained, the Atmos 568 is a torsion pendulum timepiece powered by variations in temperature and atmospheric pressure. Within its workings is a hermetically sealed capsule containing ethyl chloride (in both gas and liquid states), which expands and contracts according to environmental conditions. Even the difference of a single degree is enough to drive the movement for approximately two days. And in order to efficiently run on such ethereal force, the mechanism’s componentry is machined to keep any friction to a minimum.

Time is traced across the glass face with minute and hour hands, Arabic numerals, and indices in matching blue. Months are measured out along a central dial while the phases of the moon are showcased on a disc fixed in front. On the back, the brush-finished bridge bears Newson’s signature brandished in orange.

Housing the Atmos’s intricate and delicate artistry is a crystal globe by Baccarat. Resembling a gently curved cocktail cube, the meticulously sculpted casing protects its contents while enhancing the already intoxicating presentation—one priced at $28,000. (jaeger-lecoultre.com)

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