Introducing the Diamond GyroGraff

The horologically advanced and beautifully designed GyroGraff features a stunning three-dimensional moon phase indicator and double-axis tourbillon. Each element is perfectly complemented by a diamond bezel featuring Graff’s signature invisible mosaic setting which took over a year for Graff’s Master Craftsmen to develop.

The creation of this patented setting required Graff’s finest expertise in diamond sourcing, design and setting. The highly sculptural arrangement consists of three diamonds, positioned with two triangular cut diamonds on either side of a hexagon cut diamond – creating the base for the invisible setting. A total of 72 diamonds (8.03cts) are incorporated into each case, complemented by a white or rose gold surround. 

Off-set at 8 o’clock an innovative gyrograph moon phase indicator charts the daily progression of the moon’s phases, beautifully enclosed within a multi-level guilloche dial. Providing balance and symmetry the tourbillon movement sits at 5 o’clock, while a 60-hour power reserve indicator is positioned at 11 o’clock. 

Further iconic features synonymous with Graff Luxury Watches are also incorporated into this luxurious timepiece, including a triangular-cut emerald positioned at 12 o’clock and a diamond tip crown. The location of the crown creates an eye-catching feature, balancing the design of the dial and presenting a modern and distinctive silhouette.

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