Keep Track of Timepieces’ Accuracy with the Lepsi Watch Analyzer

The device can measure a watch’s accuracy rate to within 0.1 second per day…

In the same way every aspect of a racecar is rigorously monitored to ensure peak performance, high-end timepieces require the same extensive diagnostics to ensure their engines are running optimally, and the new Lepsi Watch Analyzer is the right tool for the job.

Created by the Geneva-based engineers and artisans at Lepsi, the analyzer measures a watch’s accuracy rate to within 0.1 second per day. The device records pertinent data while attached to a smartphone or tablet (compatible with iOS and select iPhone, iPad, and Android platforms), which it automatically calibrates to the atomic clock. The watch’s rate variation is then tested in six positions, including the five used by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (COSC), the official chronometer testing institute of Switzerland. Other analytics it monitors include amplitude (the amount of rotation during each swing of the balance wheel) and beat error. The process takes only seconds, and all of the findings are archived in a database capable of storing information on an extensive watch collection.

Handmade from wood, steel, and leather, the refined tool has an equally refined appearance—and at just under $1,000, the Watch Analyzer costs about as much as a single trip to the mechanic, and helps keep valuable timepieces at their peak performance. (lepsi.ch)

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