La Tradition Tourbillon Fusee

The Tradition wristwatch in 18-karat yellow gold features hand-wound movement with tourbillon and fusee-chain transmission, off-centered silvered-gold dial hand engraved on a rose engine, power-reserve indicator on the barrel drum, Breguet overcoil, and sapphire case back. Inside Information: As a modern interpretation of a historical legacy, this watch perfectly represents Breguet’s Tradition collection. Abraham-Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon in 1801, and this timepiece is particularly special because it revives Breguet’s 200-year-old design, including the fusee chain—a 300-link chain that runs along the cone. Also of note is its artisan case, including its high crystal, which delights by presenting time as if through a looking glass. Finally, the bridge is titanium, a material that is light both in color and weight.

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