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Jeweler Alex Moss Has Teamed Up With L’Epee to Give the Grenade Clock an Iced-Out Makeover

One of hip-hop's favorite jewelers just made the unique timepiece even more absurd.

Alex Moss x L'Epée Grenade

Even the most ridiculous luxury items can be taken to another level.

Just look at L’Epee’s Grenade clock. The timepiece is a truly ridiculous piece of horological art, but that didn’t stop the Swiss clockmaker from teaming up with one of hip-hop’s favorite jewelers, Alex Moss, to make it even more outlandish.

As its name may have given away, L’Epee’s compact desk and mantel clock was designed to look like a grenade, specifically the MKII. A weapon may seem like an odd inspiration for a clock, but that’s because the Grenade is meant to do more than just tell time. As L’Epee’s website states, the intricate timepiece’s unique design is also meant to challenge the hold that time has on our lives and remind us to live for now.

Alex Moss x L’Epée Grenade

Don’t let the clock’s high concept distract you from the technical mastery that went into its creation, though. Housed within the timepiece’s aluminum structure are the display and movement. The time is displayed on two black aluminum disks, the top of which is engraved with the hour, and the bottom with the minute. The disks are powered by an in-house movement made of palladium-plated brass and stainless steel with a power reserve of eight days. To set the time, you pull the pin at top of the machine and wind its mainspring. It may not be as explosive as pulling the pin on an actual grenade, but L’Epee says it reminds users to “live for now.”

The Grenade is a ridiculous clock, but wait until you see what Moss has done with it. The jeweler, who counts Drake and Tyler the Creator among his star-studded roster of clients, has covered the timepiece’s structure in 2,144 of his rare diamonds for 34.27 carats. It may lack some of the colors from previous editions of the clock, but there’s no doubt that the exclusive version is also the one that sticks out most.

Intrigued? You’ll want to reach out to L’Epee now about putting your name down for the limited-edition clock. The clockmaker’s website says the special timepiece will retail for $149,000. That’s a lot, but less than the cost of the diamond necklace that the jeweler made for Drake last year. That piece featured 42 massive diamonds, each of which was said to represent all the times the rapper has considered proposing to someone.

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