Louis Moinet Creates the Perfect Automaton for an Oilman

Louis Moinet’s Derrick Tourbillon, a limited edition of 12 watches ($280,000), seems expressly designed for a specific customer who owes his fortune to the blessings of petroleum. The automaton on the dial, a moving oil derrick, is driven by a simple tie rod and wheel attached to the movement. The straightforward mechanical nature of the derrick, however—which pumps four times in a minute—might easily find appreciation beyond the petrodollars set. Louis Moinet has anchored the frame of the derrick to the barrel and an exposed center wheel, thereby creating a contrast of finishes that is echoed in the complex case. While it might not be the first choice of an ardent environmentalist, the Derrick Tourbillon does tap the mechanical beauty of what might normally be considered a commonplace industrial appliance. (www.louismoinet.com)

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