The Manufacture Royale 1770 Voltige Is a Wristwatch with Nothing to Hide

The timepiece’s balance, anchor, and escapement wheel are all perched above the watch’s dial…

When Manufacture Royale’s 1770 model debuted last year, its design all but overshadowed the relatively conventional tourbillon movement it encased. And although the brand’s new 1770 Voltige (starting at $33,000) is not as complicated as a tourbillon, its mechanics quite literally rise to a new level. Thanks to a set of elongated pinions, the entire escapement—including balance, anchor, and escape wheel—are set above the movement and dial. The arrangement makes for a captivating mechanical exhibit that stands as an intriguing counterpoint to the open-works displays that are now commonly seen. It is also an illustration of mechanics serving design: The 3 Hz balance had to be carefully crafted to achieve the right inertia and such perfectly pleasing dimensions.  

Manufacture Royale, +41.21.843.01.01, manufacture-royale.com

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