Best of the Best 2016: Style | Men’s Watches: MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual

The MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual combines outstanding design and meaningful horological innovation...

Complication: MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual

Made in collaboration between MB&F and the Northern Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, the Legacy Machine Perpetual stands apart from the pack thanks to the ease with which it combines outstanding design and meaningful horological innovation—both hallmarks of truly great watchmaking. In this case, McDonnell’s slightly unorthodox configuration allows the skeletal displays to seemingly hover between the movement and the elevated balance. This engaging and imaginative arrangement yields the most beautiful perpetual calendar we have ever seen. 


  • The movement offers near-instantaneous date changes, easier setting, and improved reliability.

  • Finishing is executed by hand and recalls 19th-century decorative motifs.

  • A mechanical processor calculates the correct number of days without erroneously skipping dates. 

  • Initial production is limited to 25 pieces in red gold and 25 in platinum.

MB&F, mbandf.com ($145,000–$176,000)

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