MB&F’s Starfleet Machine Desk Clock Is Out of This World

The company partnered with L’Épée 1839 to create the science fiction–inspired timepiece…

Inspired by works of popular science fiction, MB&F has created the Starfleet Machine, a timepiece that would look more at home orbiting a planet than sitting on a desk. Constructed by the Swiss clockmaker L’Épée 1839, the Starfleet Machine bears more than a passing resemblance to the eponymous space station from the TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


The hours and minutes appear on a central black dome with hands that are curved to match its contour. A smaller, rotating dome serves as a power-reserve indicator and is accompanied by a miniature revolving satellite dish. (Equipped with five barrels, the clock is able to run continuously for up to 40 days.) The movement’s balance wheel and escapement are put on prominent display, jutting forward from the center of the timepiece. These delicate timekeeping elements are watched over by a pair of laser turrets that also serve as a retrograde seconds indicator. Over a period of 20 seconds, the laser barrels move from a parallel alignment to a crossed alignment, then jump back to their original positions after completing the sweep.

The $35,000 MB&F Starfleet Machine is available in two styles: a “light” version in stainless steel and a “dark” version finished in ruthenium. A total of 175 of the desk clocks will be made, in honor of L’Épée 1839’s 175th anniversary this year. (mbandf.com)


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