The New De Bethune DB25 Quetzalcoatl Art Watch Pays Tribute to Aztec Culture

The DB25 Quetzalcoatl’s dial features a solid-gold representation of the mythical serpent…

The new De Bethune DB25 Quetzalcoatl is the latest addition to the Swiss watchmaker’s collection of horological homages to ancient culture, joining 2012’s Ninth Mayan Underworld and 2013’s DB25 Imperial Fountain watches. Named after the mythical feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl, believed to symbolize unity and govern the cycle of time in Mesoamerican culture, the watch features a solid-gold dial crafted by the engraver Michelle Rothen. The dial depicts a stylized aerial view of the Aztec ruins at Tenochtitlan, Mexico, with the stepped structures representing hour indices; the Quetzalcoatl coiled at the center, also sculpted from solid gold, constantly shape-shifts as its head marks the hours and its tail the minutes. The watch face’s guilloche motif and micro-light finish lend the dial a dimension of depth.

Equally impressive mechanically, the DB25 Quetzalcoatl contains De Bethune’s in-house, hand-wound Calibre DB2005 movement, which features a low-friction silicon escape wheel and a proprietary shock-absorption system that ensures the watch remains precise when exposed to the stresses of everyday life. Self-regulating twin barrels provide an impressive six-day power reserve. The DB25 Quetzalcoatl is limited to just 20 pieces worldwide and is priced at $120,000. (debethune.ch)

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