The Newly Unveiled Apple Watch Hermès Imbues Hi-Tech with High Fashion

The French fashion house lends its touch to the watch’s case, strap, and dial…

Hand-wringing by horological purists aside, smart watches are slowly but surely infiltrating the collections of the luxury industry’s top brands. The most recent (and perhaps most significant) development in this segment is the introduction of the Apple Watch Hermès collection—the tech giant’s first smart watches to meld cutting-edge technology with the aesthetic sensibilities of the world of high fashion.

Though the functionality of each watch remains the same as prior Apple watches—allowing users to send texts, make calls, track fitness metrics, and check e-mails from their wrists—Hermès has added its stylistic touch and mastery of leather-working to the dial, case, and strap. Three versions of the Apple Watch Hermès will be available when the collection is released in October: the Single Tour, the Double Tour, and the Cuff. The Single Tour will come with either a 38 mm case ($1,100) that can be paired with either a Barenia, Box, or Swift leather strap, or a 42 mm case ($1,150) that is available with a Barenia or Box leather band. The Double Tour ($1,250)—distinguished from the Single Tour by a band that wraps twice around the wrist—has a 38 mm case complemented by either a Swift leather strap (in blue, red, or gray) or a Barenia leather strap. The collection’s top-end model, the Cuff ($1,500), has a 42 mm case and comes with an oversize Barenia leather band.

All of the collection’s watches have a stainless-steel case engraved with the Hermès signature. The company also has created three new electronic dial designs for the watches inspired by the fashion house’s Clipper, Cape Cod, and Espace timepieces. When it launches, the Apple Watch Hermès will be available in select countries at Apple and Hermès stores. (hermes.com)

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