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Orbita Introduces the Ultimate Flashlight for Watch Collectors

Orbita, the world’s largest purveyor of luxury watchwinders for both automatic and manual wristwatches, will introduce its stunning new embedded Watchlight™ LED Flashlight Series in Spring 2014.

This new series of multi-functional luxury illumination tools, powered by a high-energy rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, delivers an unprecedented level of intense white light, measures 1-1/4” D x 4-1/2” L and weighs 9 ounces.  What is unique is that embedded in the clear Polyester body of this carbon fiber and stainless steel flashlight is a collection of actual watch parts; dials, gears, bridges and balance wheels. Each one of these hand made lights is different and individually unique. The LED powered Watchlight™ flashlight is supplied complete in a lacquered wood gift box with an Italian leather holster and lanyard, 110VAC battery charger and spare rechargeable lithium battery included for $495 retail; it is the perfect gift for watch aficionados. Orbita can even embed customer supplied watch parts at no additional charge.

The flashlight itself has an ingenious design employing nine LED’s, a  single high-power CREE® emitter that projects a 350 lumen beam which is visible for several hundred feet and eight mini LEDs positioned around the periphery for side lighting.  A built-in microprocessor provides four flashlight functions.  On command, the user can choose a high power searchlight beam, a lower power beam for reading, an intense flashing defense strobe light that can blind intruders and an international Morse Code S.O.S. Signal. 

Alternately, the user can use one of two lighthouse modes, both of which extinguish the main LED and instead, illuminate the eight mini LEDs.  One mode, dubbed the Lantern Mode, with a battery life of 120 hours, is ideal for use during power failures or when camping, boating, fishing, etc.  The second mode is the Beacon Mode where only two of the eight LEDs flash sequentially in a 360-degree circle to mark the flashlight position in the dark.  Battery life in this mode is 150 hours.  Orbita’s Watchlight™   LED Pocket Flashlight is dustproof and splash proof to IP54 standard.  A handy Stainless Steel lantern base to stand the Flashlight upright is also included in the wooden display case.


Founded in 1997 and based in Wilmington, North Carolina, Orbita is the international leader in watch- winder technology today, and the only company that produces luxury automatic watchwinders in the United States.              

For more information, call 1-800-800-4436 or visit www.orbita.com.

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