Orbita Releases a Modern Age Revolution™ For Fine Watches

Orbita, the world’s largest purveyor of luxury watch winders for both automatic and manual wristwatches, has put a contemporary spin on its popular InSafe series with the introduction of the new Revolution™ 6 winder, which resembles something from the “space age.” The shiny black lacquer case is formed from durable aluminum sheets and then Heliarc welded. All weld seams are ground by hand to provide a totally seamless construction, and then the whole case is powder coated. The resulting smooth piano finish is most attractive and will last a lifetime.

The Revolution is powered by four long-lasting lithium D-cell batteries. In addition to a master switch, each winding head is individually powered with its own on/off switch and operating mode switch. Made in the USA, this meticulously crafted luxury watch winder also comes in a four-watch version and is available exclusively at authorized Orbita retailers or online at www.orbita.com.

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