Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph

Some male watch collectors have long wondered how to introduce the women in their lives to the mysteries of horologic appreciation. Patek Philippe seems to have found a cure for feminine indifference to mechanical watches with its ref. 7071 Patek Philippe Ladies First Chronograph (212.218.1240, www.patek.com), a $79,800 sugar-coated lozenge with a balanced shape and a pleasing pastel coloration. The active ingredient is the company’s long-awaited caliber CH 29-535 PS manually wound chronograph movement. With a lateral clutch and arching bridges, levers, and reset hammers, this movement follows traditional rather than ultramodern chronograph design; nevertheless, the CH 29-535 has acquired cult status among knowledgeable collectors who appreciate the handwork required to complete it.

While some women may admire the movement as a work of engineering, many more will appreciate the hours of hand adjustment required to make their timepiece perfect. Patek Philippe’s attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the watch—from the quality of the diamond setting to the proportion of the dial and its fine finishing. Appreciation for this level of quality knows no gender boundaries.

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