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Q&A: Pro Golfer Patrick Reed Is More Superstitious Than You Think

We talk about watches, relationships, and becoming a Hublot brand ambassador.

Those who follow the PGA are by now very familiar with the name Patrick Reed. Though the year has seen its ups and downs, 27-year-old Reed cinched a 2nd-place finish in the PGA Championship less than 2 weeks ago. That honor was followed by the announcement from Hublot that Reed has become the brand’s latest ambassador.


Reed, a self-purported Hublot fanatic, took a moment to speak to us at the Woodlands Country Club outside of Houston—his home course—to talk about his interest in watches and how the new partnership came to be.

Hublot Patrick Reed

Hublot Patrick Reed Golf Bag  Courtesy Hublot

How long have you had an interest in watches?

I guess you could say about 11 years now. It started with a Bulova that I got when I was 16—nothing special—but once I started getting ahead, I got myself a Rolex Deep Sea and a few other nicer pieces. One day, my wife and I spotted a Hublot in the window of their boutique here in Houston, and I was pretty much hooked.

How many do you own now?

Well, I have four [five if you include the wall clock Reed was given during the event at Woodlands], but there are eight in the house. My wife and I have a bit of a rule that if I get a new watch, so does she.

Hublot Patrick Reed

Hublot Golf Flag  Courtesy Hublot

How did the relationship come about with the brand?

You know, it was pretty natural. The more I learned about the brand, the more I wanted to be involved. I also looked closely at the other athletes they have chosen as ambassadors in the past, and so many of them were not only great athletes but great personalities and all-around good people as well. They all have a similar level of drive and ambition, and that really spoke to me. Once I connected with their team, it just felt like the right fit.

Is there a limited-edition Patrick Reed watch in the pipeline?

Nothing yet! I mean, I’d love for them to make something just for me, but we’ll see what comes around through the rest of the year.


Hublot Patrick Reed

Hublot Patrick Reed Event  Courtesy Hublot

Do you ever wear a watch when golfing?

So far, I don’t. Just because of how a watch sits on the wrist and how my wrist moves, I’ve yet to find something that’s perfectly comfortable. That said, I haven’t ruled it out just yet.

Consistency is always such a big part of the game of golf. Do you have any particular rituals or traditions when it comes to hitting the course?

 Actually, I have a few. I always carry six tees in my pocket, I always hit number-three balls, and my ball marker is always a quarter on tails. Each of these are related to my PGA win in 2013 or other times where I’ve played really well. You could say I’m a little superstitious, I guess, but if I do something or make a selection and I’m successful that day, then that behaviour can become part of my routine.



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