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Any watch’s ultimate purpose is to tell the time of day, but an obviously unbridgeable gulf exists between a mass-market-manufactured Timex and the expertly handcrafted mechanics of a Patek Philippe. A similar chasm exists between almost any other cell phone and the Vertu, although it is true that the essential purpose of both devices is to provide mobile communication. The Vertu, however, moves beyond the utilitarian and into the realm of the sophisticate’s obligatory accoutrement.  

The timepiece comparison is an apt one. The Vertu is available in four finishes—stainless steel, 18-karat white gold, 18-karat yellow gold, and platinum—and its creation has led to more than 20 patents. More than 400 mechanical parts, including 18 jeweled bearings, inside the leather and precious metal casings are hand-assembled. The high-resolution display is front-lit, shining spectacularly through the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face.  

The phone’s profile, like any fine design, is timeless, and to ensure that the technology remains current, the Vertu is upgradable. A more imperceptible feature, though no less essential, is the one-button access to a 24-hour international concierge service.  

Phones made by Vertu (866.448.3788 or 310.385.2094, www.vertu.com), a subsidiary of Nokia, range in price from $4,900 to $19,450 and are available by appointment at Vertu Private Client Suites throughout the world.

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