Robb Report’s 21 Ultimate Gifts: Rings Supreme

The Sonnerie Souveraine is one of François-Paul Journe’s most remarkable accomplishments in watchmaking. Containing nearly 500 parts, it was three years in the making and completed in time to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium in 2000. The original Sonnerie Souveraine belongs to a private collector, but F.P. Journe will replicate it for one Robb Report reader. The watch’s name and its signature feature are one and the same: Souveraine means sovereign, or supreme, and Sonnerie refers to the strike, or ringing sound that it makes. The platinum-cased watch is characterized by a single but highly intricate complication that includes a grand strike, a minute repeater, and a retrograde minute indication. It also includes a feature that enables you to choose whether it rings on the hour, or every 15 minutes, or not at all. A window in the upper- left area of the 18-karat yellow gold dial reveals the steel hammers that create the ringing sound. Turn the watch over, and you can view the movements working beneath the clear fiberglass back. The hour and minute dials are made of silver guilloche, and the strap is crocodile leather.

Price: $1 million.

Contact: Montres Journe SA, +41.22. 322.09.09, info@fpjourne.com

It will take at least two years for the watch to be made.

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