Roger Dubuis’s New Pocket Watch Harnesses the Precision of Four Separate Balances

An elaborate differential system averages the rates of the quartet of balances for enhanced accuracy…

Having created a mechanism to match the flamboyance of its aesthetic reputation, Roger Dubuis may have decided that a wristwatch is too pedestrian a vehicle for its unusual Quatuor movement. It contains an elaborate differential system that somehow tames and averages the careening rates of four independent balances. The massive 48 mm case required to house all this is large on the wrist, but the 60 mm Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument ($468,500) fits easily in the hand. Practicality aside, the pocket watch format has allowed Roger Dubuis’s designers to festoon the case, bow, and chain with a host of details that complement the exotic nature of the timepiece. Above all, the choice of a pocket watch is a recognition that a piece like this is not glanced at for the time, but rather shown off, shared, and admired. And for that, its form is highly evolved. 

Roger Dubuis, 888.738.2847, rogerdubuis.com

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