Time-honored Tradition

Breguet makes much of its associations with Enlightenment-era watchmaking, and few pieces exemplify this better than the frosted-gold surfaces of the La Tradition series. But with a slight adjustment in aesthetics and technology, these watches quickly jump to the forefront of the craft in the 21st century. This year’s Tradition Fusée Tourbillon 7047 is rendered in platinum, and the open movement is given a complimentary anthracite treatment—electroplating with a dark-hued platinum-group alloy. Perhaps most significant in a modern sense is the fact that the watch is equipped with Breguet’s new silicium balance spring, a development that will improve the watch’s timekeeping ability even more than Breguet’s original tourbillon invention. The newly unveiled timepiece is $172,100. (212.288.4014, www.breguet.com)

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