Treat Your Timepiece as Bond Would with Buben & Zörweg’s X-007 Extreme

Able to house and wind nine watches, the sophisticated safe is a timeless beauty…

A haven for horologic investments, Buben & Zörweg’s X-007 Extreme is a watch-winding vault built for Bond. The Germany-based safe manufacturer pairs its hallmark artistic aesthetic and innovative security measures to create the latest timepiece tower. With cement-free walls made of advanced armoring material that weighs 50-percent less than standard external barriers, the sophisticated citadel is extremely strong while maintaining elasticity to withstand blunt force.

Designed to fit in with the most fashionable furnishings, the X-007 Extreme (price upon request) features the same Paxos locking system found in many Swiss banks. After gaining access with an eight-digit code and turning the control dial to unlock the motorized bolts, another push of a button elevates the sequestered core to standing level. The centerpiece opens when a hidden pusher is pressed to reveal the company’s rotating Time Mover winding system (able to accommodate nine watches) illuminated by LED lighting. Two sets of front and side drawers are also at hand to hide prized paperwork. And in the event of a power outage, an emergency crank will grant access without electricity.

Optional additions include two-way mirrors, a 360-degree glass core, and accommodation for 18 watches. The facade can also be fashioned to taste with either high-gloss lacquer, leather, stainless steel, or gold. (buben-zorweg.com)

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