Speciale Delivery

Ferrari introduces a more extreme and technologically advanced version of the already exceptional 458 Italia. Ferrari’s mid-engine V-8 cars have always been its sportiest machines, beginning in earnest with the 308 GTB/GTS series that was in production from 1975 through 1985 and is just now receiving its due as one of Pininfarina’s finest designs. The […]

Best of the Best 2012: Convertibles: Ferrari 458 Spider

Ferrari purists seldom are followers of soft-top fashion, preferring the marque’s rigid berlinettas and their beautiful flowing forms to the canvas-roofed spiders. However, Ferrari’s latest mid-engine marvel, the 458 Italia, has morphed into a convertible without the fussy fabric flying buttresses of its predecessors. The 458 Spider features a folding aluminum hard top that transforms […]

Self-Control Cruiser

Although it has been re-engineered and reshaped to accommodate its ingeniously designed retractable top, the Ferrari 458 Spider is essentially a convertible version of the 458 Italia coupe. But the folks at Ferrari expect the new model to serve a completely different purpose and attract a different type of driver.     Typical Italia owners, […]

Best of the Best 2011: Sports Cars: Ferrari 458 Italia

When our judging panel of nearly 50 readers selected the Ferrari 458 Italia as the 2011 Car of the Year with a landslide vote in Robb Report’s March issue, the editors and writers who had the chance to drive the car were not surprised. While we anticipated the outcome, the 458’s accomplishment still is notable, […]

Ferrari Delivers Exclusive, Track-Ready 458 Challenge

Building a faster 458 Italia is no small feat. Out of the box, Ferrari’s mid-engined masterpiece will deliver its occupants to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and press onward past the 200-mph mark. With the 458 Challenge, Ferrari turns its perfect 10 up to 11, unleashing a track-ready beast that handily tops the road-going Italia’s […]