Royal Salute

Boucheron’s latest collection honors Indian design and a commission of regal proportions. The maharaja of Patiala—followed by his entourage of attendants carrying boxes of gemstones—paraded across Place Ven­dôme, from the Ritz Paris to the Boucheron boutique. On that day in 1928, the Parisian jewelry house received what was thus far its most extravagant commission: 149 jewelry […]

A Thousand Flights of Fancy

The Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris conjures a trove of treasures to fulfill the wildest wishes of collectors around the world.  The catalog of riches reads like an inventory of the contents of Aladdin’s cave in One Thousand and One Nights: a 10-carat scarlet-red Burmese ruby; a carved sky-blue Ceylon sapphire; an exquisite natural pearl as […]

Boucheron’s Rare Vintage Reflet

Wine writers have hailed 2005 as one of the best vintages of French Bordeaux in decades, if not longer. After maturing such exceptional wine, the 200-year-old oak casks used to age Château Latour Grand Millésime 2005 have been preserved on the dials of Boucheron’s steel Reflet XL Château Latour watches ($15,100). Boucheron will produce just […]

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