BEST of the BEST 2015: Ferrari California T

The California T is the first Ferrari road car powered by a turbocharged engine since the mighty F40 of the late 1980s… Click here to read more. Purchase the June 2015 issue to see all of this year’s Best of the Best selections. >>See more 2015 Best of the Best FREE PREVIEWS. >>

2015 Car of the Year | No. 2: Ferrari California T

Click to see the Car of the Year web feature, with exclusive photos and videos. >> Stating its case Some Ferraris are gentle; others are beastly. Our judges found that the California T combines both conditions. This comparatively inexpensive, relatively subdued Ferrari also fills a need in the brand’s lineup for a hardtop convertible GT […]

Ferrari California T

The iridescent-blue California T that Ferrari sent to the Car of the Year competition delighted the judges with its power, superb handling, and seductive beauty… Click here to read more about the Ferrari California T.

Golden State

Ferrari improves the already successful California by turbocharging its engine.  [bc_legacy_video] Early this millennium, when Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, and Aston Martin ruled the luxury gran turismo class, Ferrari executives were pondering a gap in their portfolio. The company’s small stable was rich with unusually expensive and very seductive coupes, spiders, and V-12 supercars seeking autostrade to scorch.  There was […]

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