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Sport: Kick in the Pass

Kicking Horse, the mountain pass for which the ski resort in Golden, British Columbia, is named, may not be heaven, but Sir James Hector did end up there after he died—or rather, after his traveling companions determined that he had died. In 1858, Hector, a Scottish geologist, was journeying through the Canadian Rockies with the […]

Bank on It

In the late 1990s, Lucien and Karen Remillard, a husband-and-wife business team who had enjoyed success developing real estate and producing movies, ventured into the hospitality industry by purchasing the historic (circa 1870) and then-vacant Merchants Bank building in Old Montreal. While preserving its original sculptures and moldings, the Remillards began converting the structure into […]

Sport: Peak Experience

Some 150 miles northwest of Banff, 9,000 feet up in the Adamant Mountains of British Columbia, I am sitting on a boulder the size of an SUV at the edge of a glacier. A weather front is moving through, and although it is still early September, the temperature drops quickly in the late afternoon here. […]

Sport: Tranquillity Base

After 19 hours of riding in a truck, a shuttle, an Air Canada airbus, a prop plane, a van, and a floatplane, I finally arrived at King Pacific Lodge, a floating paradise in British Columbia’s Barnard Harbour. Having traveled from Los Angeles to Vancouver to Prince Rupert, then another 56 miles south to the lodge, […]

Exotic America: Five-Star Campsite

I take off my shoes and socks and feel the soft wool of the Persian rug under my bare feet. Pulling back the down duvet, I slip into my queen-size Adirondack bed, then yank the cover back up around my neck to fend off the evening chill. A little more heat would be nice, so […]

Private Paradises: Northern Exposure

In the fall of 1975, bad weather forced Canadian Jean Gagnon, an experienced bush pilot, to land his plane on Anticosti, a Jamaica-sized island at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. Long known as the Graveyard of the Gulf, Anticosti had claimed hundreds of ships along its 360 miles of coast, but Gagnon’s troubles […]