Holiday Lights

Much like the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, the market for top-quality cigars this holiday season is defined by three themes: the past, the present, and the future. Through the handiwork of such brands as Avo, Arturo Fuente, L’Atelier, and Cubano Limitado, smokers are once again enjoying thin and elegant lanceros, a classic cigar […]

Conversation Starters

E.P. Carillo The Inch Series C-99 In the ongoing race to create the largest-ring cigar that can still be smoked enjoyably, this E.P. Carrillo (EPC) claims top honors. EPC was the first to debut a 6 × 64 1-inch-diameter smoke a few years ago, and last year it followed with a 7 × 70. Now, as […]

CAO Italia

Characteristics A very rich, spicy, and satisfying smoke. Insider’s Tip One of the few cigars to be blended with Cuban-seed Italian tobacco, which is grown in the southern Benevento region of Italy between Rome and Naples. This imparts a sweetness to the rest of the Nicaraguan and Peruvian leaves in the filler, along with the […]