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Travel: Rising from the Ashes

Most days on Necker Island pass slowly and without stress. Pink flamingos amble among the mangroves of the Richard Branson–owned resort, while Madagascan lemurs swing lazily from the trees. Guests of the British Virgin Islands property tend to follow the lead of ET, the resident red-footed tortoise, who spends his afternoons lounging in the shade […]

New Kishti Villa Collection Debuts on Anguilla

This fall, Anguilla unveils not one but two fully staffed, six-room villas, beachside on mile-long Meads Bay, now the venue of choice for the island’s foodies.  Known as Kishti on Meads, the twin villas launch the brand-new Kishti Villa Collection, which also includes the two-year-old, five-room villa, Kishti at Black Garden, a few miles east […]

Montpelier Plantation & Beach Reopens With a Fresh look

NEVIS, West Indies – Montpelier Plantation & Beach, a former 1700’s sugar plantation, reopens for the season on October 18 sporting a fresh look in select rooms. Inspired by elements like thick grey stone walls and rugged lava stone, Martyne Kupciunas of Miami’s The Design Garden, pays homage to Montpelier’s colonial history and lush surroundings. […]

What’s Hot: New Quintess Vacation Rentals

The Colorado-based Quintess Collection destination club turns 10 years old this year and has been celebrating by adding new residences to its portfolio of more than 80 properties in 54 locations. Quintess has also recently solidified partnerships with Houston-based private air travel company ASI Aviation, emergency medical service LifeStream MD, and M Life, a loyalty […]

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