Front Runners November 2015: Ultimate Fighter

Built by the Alabama-based brand known for its radical, aggressive-looking designs, the Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter ( is the successor to the popular P120 Fighter Combat. The new bike is constructed entirely of lightweight, extremely durable aerospace-grade billet aluminum and is powered by a 2,163 cc V-twin that produces 200 hp (40 hp more […]

FrontRunners: Ghost Rider

The follow-up to the B120 Wraith, the 2013 Confederate R135 Wraith Combat ( is the latest futuristic design built in carbon fiber from the Birmingham, Ala.–based motorcycle manufacturer. Like the first bike in the Wraith series, the B91 from 2006, the R135 features a tubular gas tank, an oversize front girder-style suspension system, and a […]

Best of the Best 2012: Motorcycles: Custom: Confederate X132 Hellcat

Confederate Motors has been building ambitiously designed, hand-assembled motorcycles since 1991, but for its latest creation, the Birmingham, Ala.–based manufacturer has introduced a new platform that eliminates many of the complicated steps involved with building its earlier bikes. For the new X132 Hellcat, instead of mounting the powerplant onto the frame with bushings, the Confederate […]

FrontRunners: Rebel Ride

The limited-edition Confederate P120 Fighter Black Flag ( is as much a post-industrial sculpture as it is a motorcycle. To accent this $80,000 machine, the New Orleans–based builder used an abundance of rivets, which—when combined with an inky hard-anodized finish and a roaring oversized, unbaffled V-twin engine—give the Black Flag an unruly appeal. Straddling this […]

The Best of the Best 2003: Cruisers – Confederate Hellcat G2

Even the creator of the Confederate Hellcat G2 acknowledges that the motorcycle is not tuned for long-distance cruising, flat-out speed, or even brief neighborhood jaunts. “It’s for very special moments,” says Matt Chambers, owner and president of Confederate Motorcycles. “The owner will probably ride the machine 100 miles a month and 1,200 miles a year. […]